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May 25, 2022
Which model of PRS feels more like a Gretsch. I have a CE custom 24 and a gretsch hollowbody. But I keep wanting to play the gretsch cause it just feels better and easier to play. ??
I am a huge Gretsch fan. One of my favorite recording guitars is a Terada-made Duo Jet. It's awesome. Personally, I have not found a PRS that 100% rivals a Gretsch. Sonically I found that the Starla and the Vela come the closest. I'd even recon that a Vela Semi-hollow would come the closest to the sonics of a Gretsch. Feel? Beats me.
Yeah I understand the Sonics of it. But more importantly the feel is what I’m looking for. My gretsch is so easy to play.
How about a proper setup on the PRS? My PRS are some of the nicest and easiest playing guitars I've ever owned.

Not sure which PRS you have since there isn't a CE custom 24. Is it a CE24 or SE Cu24?
Its a CE 24. And it’s set up well. My point is more about the necks. How many different neck styles do Prs make and which is closest to the gretsch ?
I have a G6609TFM and a 594DC.. the necks are similar enough I simply do not think about it (neck) when i change guitar..

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I love the neck on my Gretsch 6120, but the raised bridge gets uncomfortable for my right wrist after a while. The neck feels very similar to pattern regular to me. My 594 with pattern vintage is quite a bit fatter neck. I have three PRS with pattern regular, and they are my go-to guitars.
What does DC mean. Double cut? Is that the pattern vintage neck?
Yes indeed, sorry. Double cut and the 594 has the pattern vintage neck, a neck that is good enough (for me) to never comment upon or think about.

You may well find that the "easier to play" is more to do with the scale length?.. for sure with the same gauge strings fretting reach and pressure, and bends will be a lot easier on the Gretsch than the Cu24
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I think that’s the problem for me. The CE is pattern thin. I probably need a pattern wide or vintage Thanks
One thing I do with all my humbucker guitars is a Tom Bukovac trick to take the woofiness out of the neck humbucker. Take an EQ pedal and dial out some of the lower midrange, then boost the higher frequencies. Takes the muddy midrange out and adds some sparkle to the top. Depending on your amp, you may want to add to the bass frequencies as well. Instant Gretsch like clarity.
I wasn’t concerned with the tone. It’s more the feel of the Prs neck. But thanks for the tips
Most Gretsch's have necks that are too shallow for me. I have a CVT that has an awesome, chunky neck, and a Duo Jet that also has a 'fatter than usual' (for a Gretsch) neck. I got rid of the 6119 that I had because the neck was too shallow for me. I would think the Pattern Vintage would be a bit deeper than most Gretsch's, and you say the Wide/Thin doesn't feel right, so maybe Pattern (regular)?
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