Greetings from Wyoming, just bought my first PRS


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May 14, 2013
Hello, I am retired and living in Wyoming. Been playing all my life, but just Strats. I never owned a PRS and I was browsing Ebay looking at the different models, came across a used PRS SE Korina Single Cut in like new shape for a few hundred under new price. I bought it and it arrived a few days ago. I have to say, the fit and finish is beautiful. The neck is fast and easy to play. I am not 100% liking the pickups though and was wondering if anyone could recommend a pickup upgrade that will give me a wider tone range and brighter sound?
I got nuth'in on the P-ups........................ But welcome to the Forum & PRS Guitars!

Edit: You might start a new Thread to ask your question about P-ups. Put your question in the Tittle. Example........ Looking for Brighter sound with my SE. You are likely to get much more exposure/response by doing this in a new Thread.
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Thanks everyone for the welcome! I think I am going to go with the 59/09 pickups and give them a try. I have the PRS bug now and am already researching my next guitar purchase!
I know the feeling, CS. I was so impressed with my soapbar, I got a korina 2 months later. It's my only solid body with humbuckers. This could end up being a bad habit.................................or good , depending on your point of view.