Greetings and NGD! SE 245


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Jun 26, 2012
New England
Hi All,

I just joined a short time ago, and figured that I should stop lurking and introduce myself. And, what better way to say hi than with a NGD!

I've had a SE Singlecut for about a year now and have been gassing for a 245 ever since. Well, I finally make the move and picked up a brand new 245 last week. It needed a bit more tweaking than the singlecut to get it where I like it, but still far less than most other guitars that I have set up. The biggest thing is that I like my action a bit on the high side, so that took some work to get just right...

The tone on the 245 is so much sweeter than the singlecut (which is still awesome BTW). The thickness of the body definitely makes it a bit warmer and provides a greater bass response (I had to adjust my amp's bass setting down a bit to accomodate). Now I just need to lose some weight to accomodate the thicker body against my stomach! :D

It is perfect? No, but it comes as close as you can get for under $1,000. Nothing else can touch it for quality in this price range.

I'll upload some pics as soon as I can figure out how... This forum doesn't seem to want to let me upload images... Any advice?


Congrats on the new guitar and welcome!

The SE's are fantastic guitars and worth every penny / cent! I agree that there's nothing that can touch them in the price range - that was certainly my experience.

They make a great foundation for mods such as pup upgrades, etc... But pretty damned good to strat with!

I'd recommend signing up with a free photo sharing site such as Photobucket, Picasaweb or even Flickr.

Just upload your photos to that site and grab the link it gives you. Click on the 'Insert Image' button which is just above where you type in the reply box (Just hover over them until you find the right one. Looks like a square with a tree in it) and paste the link between the IMG tags that have been generated.
Okay... figured out the pics thing... Here you go:



And one of the whole SE "family": :D



Congrats! Really like the tobacco ones...I picked up a red one at Sam Ash when they were doing their 2011 clearance, and I had a choice of red, They were only discounting the red ones. The tobacco really has that vintage look down perfect.

I always forget how SOLID this thing is until I pick it up after playing one of my other it, just so throaty and thick sounding.

Have my eyes on a Bernie too :)
Thanks man! I was going back and forth between the 245 and the Bernie, but finally settled on the 245... something about it just screamed "Me first!". ;)

Anyway, part of me wants to grab a Bernie at some point as well, but then the other part of me says to just save up for an American-made PRS in a couple of years... Hard to decide, but as I can't afford anything else right now, I mind as well just shut up and play my 245! :D

Beauty, very nice top on that 245. How do you like the Class 5? Good for home but can you use it in a band rehearsal?

Love the Class 5! They tend to be very bass heavy with the closed back and it's even more pronounced with humbuckers, so you can get some rattle unless you adjust the bass as necessary (yes this is one of the newer ones with the rattle fixes, but the bass response is so high that you can still get some rattle, you just have to accomodate for it). Sweet "clean" tone on low volume and it breaks up nice at around 9-10:00 on the volume dial. The low power mode is okay for really pushing it at lower volumes, but it is a bit flat sounding compared to the full 5w mode. I'm going to try some recording direct out of it just for giggles and see how it sounds. I like to experiment... :D

I really don't play out right now, so I can't comment on that, but I imagine that at the very least, you could mic it into the PA and use it live... If I ever do get around to playing live, I would prefer to get a 50w half-stack for more volume... :eek:

I also have a 40w Fender BRDI that is plenty loud for live, but a very different tone as well...