Great Holiday recipe!


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Oct 15, 2012
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Yall gonna love this...

1 pkge Jimmy Dean sausage
1 pkge Philly cream cheese
1 sleeve Crescent Rools

Brown sausage, drain grease.

Mix with cream cheese, put dollop on Crescent Roll , roll up, bake as per directions, let cool..

Enjoy! remember to wipe hands on guitar to make fret board shiny.

This is my mom's recipe for her church group.. She calls them "Women's Aglow thingies"

thank you for this opportunity.:p
I have had these before (with fake meat products) and I can say they are fantastic!
No never tried those...I know we have the veggie bites and some of the veggie patties...there is some other stuff...but usually Ben and Jerry's has distracted me by the time I get that far into the freezer...whe get alot more of the doctor praegers stuff I think. Spinach bites, fish sticks, etc...

Even if I ate meat I would be afraid of what goes into "real" hot dogs, so these can be a nice alternative. I have been trying to slim down but still keep the party going, I sadly traded ice cream and doughnuts for alcohol but I have had a few late nighters with Ben and Jerry myself.... Damn I miss those guys.
I guess this wouldnt be the time to quote from the book "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair, eh??? BTW Sergio, Ethanol is the clean burning fuel of the future so incorporating CH3CH2OH into ones diet for energy is envioronmentally friendly.
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