Got Starla?


Zombie Zero, DFZ
Aug 1, 1985
I've got GAS for another Starla. I sold mine a few years ago to keep my marriage on track. Timing might be right to get another. They just sound amazing and they're low priced.


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The Mistake........

How's that "culling the herd" thing goin' for ya? :biggrin:
Can't wait to see whatcha got!
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Only 2 Starla's in the crowd??? Come on, peeps... post up!

I'd love one, but I'm still suffering from Guilt-Ridden Buyer Syndrome.
I have one, but I'm so lame, I don't have a pic hosting site set up. Anyway, if someone wants to host it I can email pics. Mine's a one-off, a 25th anny with a smokeburst finish, Bigsby, and LOCKING TUNERS that technically never existed, yet it does! Just an amazing guitar with remarkable pickups, I think the Starla is the unsung hero of the entire PRS line. And seriously, is there a solid body guitar in existence that looks as right with a Bigsby as a Starla? I think not!
Out of curiosity, how well do bigsby equipped PRS stay in tune? I've never owned a guitar with one.