Going to see Joe Bonamassa tonight!!

I saw him several years ago, and had the pleasure of meeting him after the show. A great night, and a sincerely nice guy. This was right before he started putting together his collection of Sunbursts. I'd love to see him again sometime.

This month I got a copy of the "Rock Candy Funk Party" CD and DVD. Great stuff!

How was the show?

Goldtop Lloyd
I got to see him a week or two ago. What an amazing player! He did an opening set all acoustic, then switched to electric. Very dynamic player who put on an awesome show! Worth the time and money to see him!
I saw him kick off his current tour in Vancouver, B.C. a few weeks ago. Drop dead awesome! Spent the first 30 mins or so on 3 or 4 different acoustics, then he launched in to a dizzying array of various electrics. Everything he touches sounds like magic.