GnR video teaser


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Jan 13, 2013
Driffield. U.K
Paradise city from the upcoming dvd i suppose
Yes there is a Prs involved
[video] 6v%3DXtWQm9qSWJMParadise city from the upcoming dvd i suppose Yes there is a Prs involved [/video]
Gawd, that is horrible... The band is playing perfect, Axl sounds terrible. I love GnR... This is sad...
His whole career he's had vocal issues. I guess he just pushed it too much back in the day. Sad, but they had a couple of kick ass albums and secured their spot in rock history.
Everything besides the PRS and dancing girls was a gross, abhorrent shadow of what that name once was. Pack it up Axl.

I wonder if the PRS playing guy was the "overdub" guitar player? Seemed like there was a "Slash" and "Izzy" with the LP and 33x. Everything I've read about Axl, he probably wanted perfect reproduction of the albums. I'm not trying to bag on the other players in the band either, I realize they're all probably very good. I just disagree with the pretense of the whole thing.
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Ever see the actual video for Paradise City?
I was at that show.
G-N-R, Aerosmith and Deep Purple.

Guns KILLED. They were young, hungry and firing on all cylinders. (add your favorite cliche here.... :biggrin: )

Nothing Axl, Slash, Velvet Revolver or any combo of ex-members will top that show.