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    I use this software to host my helix native software installation, using hx stomp pedal for an audio interface to and fro my laptop, and a line 6 powercab and/or headphones for sound

    prior to this I was stumbling to use helix through my daw, but it was not really useable for 'live monitoring' doing that. I am at the typical bottom end of the learning curve with all this, just stumbling about as I go.....

    ...but I got a tip to try gigperformer, and I have to say, there is no audible difference to me from the helix hardware to the software, and so its a really good solution for me, which gets the full helix experience without having to buy the whole hardware.

    I have no experience with other audio interfaces than stomp,but just posting to say check out gig performer, it may work for you. Its kind of keyboard origin but does many other things I do not understand nor need, just now
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