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Bill SAS 513

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Aug 30, 2012
Manchester, Maryland
Heard a stat today that Ben has the fastest release time in the league this year. He's also tied with Brady for the least number of hits. Old man doesn't want to get smacked around anymore. Sunday night's game was really just a mediocre game between two bad teams. It'll be a long year, I think.

Yup...kinda like the second half of last year...I'm just hoping for over .500... I still love the game, though.

Hugo Agogo

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Aug 22, 2021
Finding straps I really like is hard. I too used to rock the cheap @ss nylon straps out of sheer frustration. Here's my pile:


As usual, the only reason I'm lookin' good and soundin' nice is because of you guys. The white one was a gift from veinbuster and finds work on exactly one guitar. The fancy pants padded strap was a birthday gift from my homie Shawn. The embroidered one looked way better in the ad, the black one is what I used to rock for everything, the hippie one came with a bass I bought for $100 off of CL, and the last one came with my sister's bass that's now mine ( I can only assume she let one of her kids pick it out when they were younger). I keep the swag ones around 'cause I keep thinking I'll break out the sewing machine and make a matching LV and Gucci strap for the respective guitars but... I have a lot of projects backlogged.
Your white 25th Anniversary strap has to be a collector’s item !
I never knew that they existed. Very nice. I want one


Dec 16, 2014
Continuing my collection of color coordinated (or at least close) hippie dippy jacquard straps. Forgive the non-PRS intruder, it's my new "beater", an Indonesian built Sire Larry Carlton H7 335 Clone. Ridiculously good quality/playability for how little it cost, similar to SE. I'll probably eventually upgrade the pickups, but other than that, it really scratches the 335 itch I'd been having without breaking the bank (plus it and the SE Schizoid are the only "beaters" I've got these days).

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