Get your straps out


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Jan 2, 2018
south western New York
Here's an original Vox Python strap I purchased at Rudy's in NYC circa 1966 or so. Never worn, still in the original case which has seen better days as it has been dragged from Brooklyn to Linden NJ to Madison WI to El Paso to Pittsburgh and then to Maryland, not 35 miles from the PRS factory.

That is Very Cool!


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Nov 26, 2018
I dont play much standing up anymore so my collection has diminished siginifcantly.

I did keep this one as it's special to me. This one was a made by my wife years ago for our wedding anniversary. She spent a couple months beading it together on a loom. Then she stitched it by hand to one of my leather straps. It does have some heft to it but I had it on my acoustic so it only saw a couple songs each night.

Its seen its fair share of action when I did play live so its a bit beaten up.


Hears Tones
Apr 26, 2012
Someone else posted their Heistercamp straps earlier in the thread. I’ve had them make several for me, too, and like them so much I’ve bought a few as gifts for my son.

Lately, I’ve picked their softer leather straps without metal parts (to avoid dings), and with nice, firm padding and cable loops. The quality of the leathers and workmanship is in the tradition of the best English leatherwork - none finer - and you can choose everything from the length of the strap to the linings, to you-name-it. I like adjustable straps because I change the lengths from time to time, but there are other options.

Here’s one from earlier this year in their black ‘super soft’ leather with tan leather lining, padding and cable holder. I’ve also got their heavier leather models. You can pick whatever color combinations you like. I have mine made with a slightly longer buttonhole to fit the PRS strap button. Their thicker pull up leathers are too thick to fit under the stock buttons. Their super soft fits fine.

As with any leather goods, check out the straight stitching and the way the edges are finished.