Game of Thrones?

Hopeful Sinner

Angry Southern Gentleman
Apr 26, 2012
I am hung up on Game of Thrones pretty bad right now. I binge watched Season 1, Season 2 and the first 8 episodes of Season 3 when I recently took time off work...

That may sound bad but I was off for almost 12 days and it got a bit boring when everyone around here was going on with there regular day to day and I found myself sitting on the sofa wondering what to do with myself...

Anyone glued to this one as I am???

And by the by, we are all House Arryn whether we realized it or not... (see, 'cause it's a moon and a bird, like the inlays)

I watched the first few episodes as they came out, got frustrated and reading the books (I'm not one for suspense) so I could find out what happens quicker. I got to the last book then got umm fed up because someone told me there was another book to come, possibly 2.

I've watched season 1 and 2 and my partner made me watch the first ep of season 3, I wanted to wait until we could watch them all back to back.

Someone has GOT to get that inlay at the 12th fret!
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Big GOT fan. Still pissed about Ned.

^^^^^^ this^^^^^

from what i hear from a guy who has read the books, the next two episodes will leave us equally bewildered and annoyed. MORE DRAGONS!
Big fan of the books and I enjoy the show as well. The show is very well done in comparison to the books. Which doesnt happen too often.