Fun with PRSIs and Jamey Aebersold

Discussion in 'Studio & Stage' started by BWV548, Feb 8, 2018.

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    So, I played a bit of guitar back in my teens. Nothing serious just a bit of noodling. Back then, my musical exploration took me to other places, so I'd stopped playing by around 21 or so (I'm 50 now).
    Last april, I started to play, and actually practice a bit, again, in addition to starting a PRS addiction.
    My main reason for starting up, was to spend the next several decades of my life, learning the Bach solo violin, cello, and flute music on the electric guitar. However, as I really like a lot of Jazz and Rock, I want to get to a place where I can play the thing with other humans.
    Someone pointed me to these Jamey Aebersold recordings for practicing improvising and comping on tunes. I think they are a brilliant tool.
    Anyway, I've also recently been trying to teach myself a bit of home recording. So, last night I decided to throw an Aebersold backing track into my DAW, and lay down some guitar over it.
    The mix is pretty, rough and my playing... well let's just say I'm no John Scofield!! However, I thought I'd share.

    The guitars in the "head" melody are a 594 and a Kestrel doubling at the octave beneath. The solo guitar is an HB2, and the comping (with a bit of a heavy hand on the chorus) is an S2C22SH. I take responsibility for all the guitar and kestrel playing. The rhythm section are pros (Aebersold's group, obviously)
    Try not to judge it too harshly! :)
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    Nicely done.
  3. bodia

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    Jan 21, 2015
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