Full Concerts On Youtube (Post Them Here)


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Apr 30, 2012
Warrington, Nr Liverpool UK
Sergio gave me an idea...

There's a lot of FULL concerts appearing on Youtube these days so feel free to post / embed any you've come across:

Marvin Gaye Live In Montreux 1980: (Thanks to Sergio for this one)

Thin Lizzy Sydney Opera House October 1978:

Gary Moore - Blues For Jimi 2007:

Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound Of Thunder:

If any of these are not available in your country let me know.
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Time to give the ladies some:

She's wasted in Louboutin's, but yeah, I still love her.

Sade leaves me speechless every time.
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Gotta be one of my all-time favorites ever since I got it on DVD a few days after the show happened. DuVall just blows me away and makes me say Layne who?

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When the Foo Fighters last record was coming out, Dave had the band preform the whole record live in his studio, filmed it and put it on youtube for free. Yet another reason why he rules!

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Some heavier stuff- Trivium's set at Wacken last year.

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There are several full Motorhead gigs on YT and I recommend them all. I'll try to pick a favorite and post it here soon.

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