From nickel and creme to black and black...

Get some black ebony tuner buttons next!
I wouldn’t mess with the bridge tho. It will be hard to find a blacked out look that matches the radius. Most are 12” Gibson. And I feel anything else will be a significant downgrade in quality. You could also go for black and silver look: keep the covers on the pickup so they match the bridge and tuners buttons. Keep the black rings and pickup knob. That’s what i opted for on my myers
I think mannmadenis the only option for black and it's not in stock, and pretty expensive.

The pups I had didn't have covers so that prompted the change. I think it'll stay.

Now to get that 6 way toggle installed...
I’m a fan of blacked out

I’ve got cosmo black on a non PRS, no it’s not a Kramer.

Love black chrome with certain colours.

Mine is on a natural quilt top.
All of my other guitars are "pretty". When I decided on pups, I figured I'd make this one a little more aggressive/rock n roll un appearance.

If I ever find a deal on a black bridge, it's going on there.

I wonder if anodizing a stock aluminum tail piece is an option. Probably coat prohibitive as well.