Friedman IR-D


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May 1, 2012
South Florida
Anyone else buy one of these? They were released on Thursday last week. Mine showed up yesterday. I have a Twin Sister amp so this is essentially the preamp to the amp I have been playing the most for the past year. It is a cool item. I only got to spend 15 or 20 minutes with it yesterday but here are some thoughts.

I am not sure how I feel about the stock IRs. I changed them on channel 2 so I can audition 6 of them without having to connect it to my computer. The stock IRs sound quite different from one another. I have some York IRs that I will be trying with it as well.

I do wish the Presence and Thump were able to be controlled from the pedal and not in the software. They could have been knobs like the amp has or switches to choose between the three positions that are available through the software.

Mine was pretty quiet for the most part, until I went to the highest structure setting and cranked the gain up. It had a very prominent hiss to it at that setting. I don't typically run it that high but if I did, I would need to find a way to fix that. I don't remember if I had the USB plugged into my computer at that time but I will keep that in mind when I am playing with it this weekend since I saw someone say theirs had a hiss until they pulled the USB cable out of it.

Overall, I like it and think it is a good unit. I do feel that I need to spend some time tweaking it and finding all of the nuances with it as well as trying some other IRs. The IR is always a huge part of the equation.
Haven't tried the IR-D but the IR-X is outstanding.
I knew when I saw the leak in March that I was going to buy this pedal when it came out. I have been super happy with the Twin Sister amp. I am a much bigger fan of the Dirty Shirley circuit than I am of the BE-OD. I have both pedals and struggled a little with the BE-OD. The first chord I played through the Dirty Shirley was instant bliss.