Fret Level on my S2 Custom Semi-Hollow


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Dec 7, 2015
I leveled and crowned the frets on my S2 Custom Semi-Hollow. Can enjoy my lower action with zero fret buzz. Have three more to go. Ironically, my Korean made SE-245 does not require one with the lower action. I do my fret levels with my strings under tension as well for those interested. Seems all of my S2’s require it for my affinity for lower action. Also did a little work on the nut, lowering the strings there as well. My 98 CE 24 that I recently sold, did not require any of this. It was such a great player, but I was not fond of 24 frets.

Also put a TV Jones Classic plus in the bridge and it’s a nice change from the 85/15s that I was really not too fond of anyway. It splits very well with the PRS set up. Going to order a TV Jones Powertron for the neck. Considering adding a Strat pickup in the center as well. It will be my PRS S2 Special Semi-Hollow on the cheap. I’m to tight to buy the core model. With a good set up, and the lower action, this thing just plays. Not that it was bad before though.
I can’t shred, so it’s not shredder low, but lower than the norm with barely any relief in the neck. It’s what I like. I do play mostly with my fingers or light pics with a light touch. And my wimpy self uses 9’s.

I have had to do fret levels on most of my guitars except for a couple Godin’s that I no longer own. And I have been through more than I would like to share. Believe I am finally where I am supposed to be now though with my S2’s. Did I mention I am too tight to buy a Core model. But I am looking at a used SC250 locally for sale at a price that a tight wad like myself might go for. I drank the kool aide. All I look at is PRS these days.
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