Free cornbread at Denny's


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Mar 16, 2022
Congratulations. I bought a PRS Custom 24 in 2001 and it took me 20 years to buy another electric. I love PRS. I now have three of them and they are all different with their own personalities. I am able to do just about anything with the custom, but I love my 7 string Holcomb and my Vela! I also have a Mexi Strat that I had Pleked, locking tuners, and noiseless pickups installed.


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Nov 12, 2012
Velas are magical :). They're also like potato chips - you can't have just one. Now you need a solid to go with your semi hollow. You'll still get super light weight, even - my solid Vela weighs in at 6 pounds even, only 2 ounces more than my semi hollow Vela :).


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Nov 20, 2013
Cincinnati area
Hey OP, I have to admit, you almost lost me about 12 times in the first paragraph, but I toughed it out and read all the way through. After reading it, one thing comes to mind: Do you predominantly watch "Reality TV"shows?

Have you ever:
1- Had months of happiness or sadness decided by the season finale' of The Bachelor?
2- Cried during an episode of Real Housewives?
3- Want to give your toothbrush to someone on Survivor?
or worst of all..,
4- Felt bad for a Kardashian?

Asking for a friend (who is not a dentist, but wishes he were).

Mike J.

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Nov 14, 2021
Congrat's on the Vela! The more you play it the better it gets! I got my first PRS last December, the Vela semi hollowbody in Tobacco Burst.

For what ever reason, PRS just wasn't on my radar and I don't know why. I too was looking for "that sound" and wasn't finding it. Then for some reason I thought "I wonder what PRS has to offer" and I still don't know why I thought that. (A bit of psychic information perhaps). Started listening to a ton of PRS clips on YouTube, joined the forum here and asked a bunch of questions. The Vela was not my first choice but once I found clips of it I became very interested. Asked a bunch more questions and took a big leap of faith in ordering it because I couldn't find one to try out for myself.

I am so glad I got it. Got the tone I heard but couldn't find. I play at church and the soundman and the other musicians all commented on how good it sounds. One of the other guitar players told me twice: "you always had a good sound with your other guitars, but there is something so unique and special with the way the Vela sounds."

The only downside is: because the Vela's tone works so well me me, I don't know if any other PRS guitars would do the same.
I love the lower output of the bridge pickup and with the special design neck single coil it's a stellar combination. I don't like your typical single coils, don't like full strength bridge humbuckers and I have yet to hear a neck humbucker that I like.

I guess my Vela spoiled me!