Fractal FM3: Anyone else using one?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by InTooDeep, Sep 8, 2020.

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    Oct 17, 2017
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    Hey guys, after a long wait, I recently got my FM3 last week. Pretty happy with it too. Supposedly sounds the same as the AXE FX III but can do a bit less as far as simultaneous processing and a few features/effects. I have had a 2 channel Dual Rectifier, a Dual Rec Tremoverb, and a Mark IV combo. I have really only started getting into the FM3, but it is tons of fun, there is a ridiculous amount of options available. The effects are at least as good as my dedicated effects pedals, if not better.

    I mostly run it at my desk with 2 JBL LSR305 MKII monitors for stereo sound, I also have an Alto TS212 PA speaker that sounds really good once turned up a bit (I think I enjoyed the Dual rectifier sound on it more than when I had the 4x12 and real thing)

    Anyway, anyone else using one of these? It would be pretty cool to get some PRS amp models on it, but there are none yet.
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    I often gig an Axe Fx III, but haven’t tried the FM3. With gigs pretty much non-existent these days, it’s given me time to get back into my tube amps and I’ve been enjoying it! But I wish I had an FM3 for this weekend... really tight space that I’m going to have to use a FlyRig5 in. Oh well, it’s money :)

    Keep us posted!
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    I've been a Fractal user for years - Axe Fx II, the Ax8 as soon as they released it and now the FM3. Love(d) them all, and the FM3 is definitely a step up from the Axe Fx II and Ax8 (that shared the same modelling architecture). I use Atomic CLR as my main monitor. I have 2 and depending on gig (hardly remember them though) bring one or two. At home I'm either playing using my CLRs or my Adam A5x studio monitors. I think the important thing with any amp or modeller is to play reasonable loud. Yes, technically we can play at any volume but there's something that happens between the guitar and the speakers and the only thing to really get that is volume.

    Anyway, Cliff (Chase, the founder of Fractal Audio) has said that in order to get new models in the Fractal he will need a reference model as well as accurate schematics. Some people are happy to share (Alan Philips of Carol Ann amps for instance) and most won't and I assume Paul won't. Back in the day it seemed that Cliff was happy to make his own schematics by reverse engineering amps but with the 200+ amp models in the Fractal now, I think those days are definitely over. Usually new amp models these days are tweaked models of existing ones (EF86 version of the Matchless DC-30 and 50w Plexi 6CA7 are two recent examples) where the base schematics are already known.

    If anything, I'm hoping for more FAS models, Fractals own idealised models that can't necessarily be created in real life. The FAS Brown for instance is awesome, as well as the FAS Modern.

    Here's my FM3 pedalboard. Didn't think I could do with only 3 switches (plus 2 external) but it works really well.

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