Forum Contest #1 - Coming soon!

That should give me time to read all of the rules. :rofl:

Kidding aside, thanks for doing this, PRS! :dancing:
Contests are over the top and another amazing example of how PRS gives back to it's community. "Another" you say? Did you forget the annual free fall festival?
I am hoping it will be a contest for Most Aggravating Forum Member. I'll be a shoo-in!

"Tell Les what he won, Don Pardo!"

(organ plays a C diminished chord)

"It's a new car! Yes, Les, the beautiful all-new for 1959 Chevrolet Impala has the latest luxurious conveniences, a heater, a radio, and plenty of room in the trunk for your magnificent new set of dishware from Rubbermaid!"

(Les nearly faints as the Queen for a Day music plays and he receives his crown and scepter)

"Folks, until next week this is Jack Bailey, your host, asking do YOU want to be Queen for a Day?!?"

Why yes. Yes, I do. ;)
]-[ @ n $ 0 |v| a T ! ©;80829 said:
You could always move to Colorado! :)

My best buddy is from Gold Coast and moved to STL recently. He could give you some pointers.
Now this sounds interesting, something I am good at.