For those with Cores, maybe S2s and SEs what are you playing most??

I have one of each - SE, S2, and Core (well, before it was called Core).

The 97 Custom 22 is new, so at the moment it gets all the playing time.

The Vela is normally my number one, we'll see how that shakes out once the honeymoon is over with the CU22.

The SE HB II still gets a fair amount of playing time, but less than the other 2. It's still a very nice guitar.
Most: Core, P22, as I need it for every gig.

Secondary: A mix of Core, S2, and SE. I'm really trying to rotate all of them this year gigging wise.
I've got a core, a ce24, and 2 S2s. They all get a lot of play time and I rotate through a lot. My core has probably seen the most gigs out of them but I gig them all. my S2 594 gets an awful lot of play time and took over as the only guitar I was touching for a few months after getting it. The last couple months I've been grabbing my CE24 an awful lot, the wide thin neck and 24 frets is a good fit for a lot of the newest material my band has been working on. My S2 Vela is amazing, but probably gets the least play time out of the 4 and I've only brought it out to 1 gig I think. All are damn amazing guitars though
I have two Velas and two CE-22’s (as well as a few Gretsches, an Eastman LPJR, and a ‘52RI Tele) and the two Velas get the most play time these days, followed by the Eastman and the Tele. The other guitars fill in for specific tones/flavors.
The guitar in my Avatar, 2012 Core Starla

It turned me back to single cut guitars, there really is a tone difference as opposed to double cut!