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For the Love Of Soapies !

PS with rosewood neck !
While I completely understand PRS wanting to stay in house for pickups these days .. they did just put an Alembic blaster in the Dead SS .. so a limited 40th run of Duncan equipped Soapies would be oh so nice .. just for nostalgia ...
You gots to tell the story…
A long time ago, when the earth was green...
In 2010 my friend and lead player and I went to the very first Dweezil Zappa band camp in New York. It was way up in the Catskills without even cell service.
It was 5 days of various music classes, numerous times a day. I went to all the guitar, drums, and vocal classes. Every morning first thing was Dweezil's Master class. We all brought guitars but that inevitably turned into awesome stories of gigs, Frank Zappa, and many other famous musicians including EVH etc.
8 of us arrived in a massive limo, and all heads turned our way when we got out. To everyone's dismay it was only us. :)
Anyway, on the second to last night Dweezil had a raffle for a lovely 2009 Korina SE One, and I was the lucky recipient. That was lots of fun!
All around the property were open cases of incredible PRS core guitars that you could just pick up and play, so we did. I was unfamiliar with the brand up until then, and the sights and sounds were jaw dropping of course.
The classes were held/taught by each member of the band, and they all did great and were well attended. There were close to 250 of us I think, and from all over the globe.
Everybody had meals together and the food was awesome. You could sit and shoot the breeze with Dweezil, or any other member. All of them are fine/humble/excellent human beings. No ego to be found.
The last evening was a proper concert held at a local theatre. Had a great chat with the sound guy, another good person.
Awesome time, and I learned nothing. Well worth it in any case, free guitar notwithstanding.
In any case, that was my introduction to PRS, and I've been a toady ever since. I immediately bought a 305 as I was looking at EC Strats. Never looked back...:cool: