For Mr Schefman..(or any other that know about electronics)


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Oct 15, 2012
pensacola FL
What is the difference between a potientiometer and a variable resistor (like a light dimmer)?

Thanks compadres ;).
A potentiometer is a variable resistor. The difference between what's in your guitar and what's in your house wiring is the house wiring is more heavy duty and handles more current.
Most light dimmers you use in your home do not rely on a variable resistance to dim the light. It would have to be too big and too inefficient (just think of the old dimmers you see in movies about theatre shows). Instead a home light dimmer is a little circuit that generates a variable mark-space ratio wave thats feeding the bulb. Its like flashing the light on and off very quickly. The longer each flash is the brighter the bulb appears. Thats also the reason why you get much worse electro-magnetic interference from circuits with a light dimmer in action, and also why you cant use such dimmers with modern eco-bulbs that rely on florescent tube technology rather than a bulb.
Hi Captdg, I know about how to use electronics in the studio, but I know nothing about house wiring, etc. Wish I had an answer!