For all swedes here :)


Tja ba!Läget?
May 5, 2012
Sat June 30 Yngwie Malmsteen host radio P1 as a "sommarpratare".He will talk about his career from the early years in Stockholm to his life now in Miami.I cant miss this,very interesting!I remember the first time i heard Alcatrazz-Kree Nakoorie on swedish radio in 84,couldnt believe my ears :)
Have to say Yngwie's music doesn't really do it for me so much but he is a phenomenal guitarist and puts on a hell of a good show, I couldn't recommend his live show enough to anyone who hasn't had the joy of seeing it in person!
Thanks, bookmarked the page! I don't speak Swedish very well... hardly at all to be honest... but it will be cool to have none the less. I learned a little when I went to Stockholm a few years ago. Haven't had much chance to practice since and I have forgotten a lot LOL