Flattening a fretboard? (re-radius)

Steven Mal

New Member
Nov 30, 2016
I have an SE Custom 24. I love it but there are two things I don't like: the pick-ups, which I can change (duh), and the 10" fretboard radius. I don't need a crazy flat fretboard like 20", but I find it easier to play my Strats (10"-14" radius) and Gibson Explorer (12" radius). Is it possible to flatten a fretboard? How much does it cost?
You're looking at a refret with a fretboard re-radius...check with the PTC or a luthier you trust for $$$ damages
Probably better to sell it on and get something else. I mean, if you don’t like how it plays or how it sounds...

On the plus side, at least you know what radius to go for (and what to avoid).