Fixing the slipping early DGT tuners...


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Apr 26, 2012
So I recently got an early 08 DGT. As many of you know I have a long history with the DGT, but most of mine have been 2011 or newer.

This guitar looks to have 3 of the 6 tuner buttons replaced. Truthfully all of the tuners feel pretty crappy very loose. I do not want to have a tuner/button fail on me during a gig (this will be a main gigging guitar).

I emailed PRS about it and they are saying just to put on the Phase3 buttons. Can anyone confirm for sure this will fix the dreaded DGT button fail issue?

Pic - just cuz. This one is fairly beat and worn - sounds incredible though. It has the best splits of any DGT Ive owned (out of maybe 20??). Has a real vintage tone.