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First PRS!

Now that is one heck of a first. Congrats on the guitar and welcome to PRS-land!
Yeah, yeah, it’s nice, but...what’s next? :eek:

Congrats - that is a beauty!
Wowsers !!! Congrats and welcome to the Forum. That is a killer guitar.
Well, now you’ve done it. Somehow, you’ll have to do better than this next time. Good luck with that! And you know there’ll be a next time...there always is...:D:cool:
Good choice, or at least I think so having travelled a similar road. Owned an LP Standard, wanted something really nice but not another LP. Looked at tons of PRS core models and the one that called my name was a 594 WL.

Yours is a beauty, the copperhead came out perfect. That color can sometimes get a little too pinkish or fleshy... yours looks like a brand new penny :)
What a Beauty!!! that's a class entrance for sure congrats.
Love the copperhead in fact iv'e requested that on the body of my P's build.
Enjoy and have fun.!!!
Congrats! I recently traded my 20th Anniversary Ecstasy and OS212 for a very similar looking Wood Library 594. Lovely guitars. My kid named my "The Lion." :)
Awesome axe! And welcome... waiting for my 594 to be delivered tomorrow and feel that rush of childhood excitement as I open it! Excellent choice.
killer guitar......congrats and welcome to the PRS Guitar Owners club.....