First PRS in a Long While


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Apr 28, 2024
Just joined last week after purchasing my first PRS guitar, after about a 12 year hiatus.

I’ve always been a Gibson Les Paul guy (currently own 4) and l also usually have a Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster in my collection.

I’ve owned two other PRS guitars years ago, but didn’t keep them long. Good guitars, but I usually replaced them with my usual Gibson and Fender brand guitars.

Last weekend I was in one of my two favorite guitar shops and noticed a used PRS SE Santana hanging on the wall.

A very good looking guitar. I asked how much? Needless to say, I walked out with the guitar and the original PRS gig bag for a good price.

From my web search’s, this is a 2012 model. Definitely in mint condition and it looks to have upgraded Grover tuners installed (looks like a factory installation with no extra holes).

I am very impressed with the guitar. It looks good, plays good, stays in tune, and sounds good, I’ve already added strap lock buttons and I believe that it’s a keeper.

Thinking that I may need to look into higher end PRS guitars.

My only issue with the guitar is it has a blank truss rod cover and I can’t find a replacement factory PRS Logo Truss Rod cover anywhere.
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Congrats on the find. Great SE's came out of that era.

Korean SE TRC's are a slightly different size than USA or Indo versions. I got one from here. They also have an option for a custom photo TRC which I used for my SE 245 Soapbar:

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Tweaked the guitar a bit, strap locks, a PRS truss rod cover (eBay 3-D printed which looks okay from arm’s length), a new set of 0.010’s and some adjustments.

Still very impressed with the guitar, plays great, sounds great, and the locking Grovers stay in tune. My only sight complaint with the guitar is the tight fretboard, as compared to my Gibson’s, but I’m getting used to it.
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Next time it would have to be a single cut (Les Paul guy) and either black or cherry red,
I spent years on a single cut. Got a wood library with a rosewood neck that has 59/09’s and you could peel paint through a good amp. It’s 10 lbs. I’m north of 70, and 10 lbs is too much. Oh well……