First post and Recent NGD pics!


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Nov 9, 2020
Hi I’m jhideout, and am new to the forum. I normally post on another popular forum, but realized I have been playing my PRs guitars almost exclusively for years it only makes sense to sign up here.

I’ve owned a Custom 24 and Mira for 10 years now and the Mira has been my #1 for quite some time.

Recently I set out looking for a second Mira (specifally an S2 this time) and found a great deal on a 2014 Model in black.

Shortly after I traded a MIJ 60s tele for a 2016 S2 Starla with a bigsby...very cool guitar with style.

They seem to be multiplying rapidly:

I also just purchased an NF3 a couple days ago off reverb. Still waiting for it to arrive. Haven’t told the wife about it yet

Can’t wait for this one to show up
Welcome! I always liked the Mira since they first introduced it. Never got one as there was a little too much overlap with my McCarty standard.

I was just playing my NF3 over the weekend. One of my favorite necks on any of my guitars for sure.
I was "Watching" that NF3 too. Give us your impressions once you get it, please!
Nice guitars.
I like the S2 Mira with the birds.
My S2 Miras have dots.
I like those too.

...and that NF 3 is gorgeous.