Fiore and Mark Lettieri


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Feb 1, 2024
Saw Mark Lettieri last night at a PRS event. Pretty great playing and impressive tone options out of that Fiore (and the pedals he uses). I'm not in the market because I just got an S2 cu24, but it got me thinking...I'm impressed with the guitar but not planning to play his kind of music, so if I were in the market would it be the right guitar to get or not? I guess it's risky listening to a good player because they can make any guitar sound great and make you want it.
I played one in a shop to check it out, great guitar.
For the stuff that I play, it was redundant to the silver sky that I already have.
So I put it back on the hanger. I would’ve definitely purchased if I didn’t already have the SS in my stable.
I don’t like the volume knob placement, otherwise I would like to have one. I think they sound great. I acknowledge Lettieri is a great musician and guitarist, but what he plays isn’t something I am drawn to. I still like the guitar.
I also didn’t like the volume knob so close to the pickup. Other than that, it was a fantastic guitar. I had to put single coils and a new pickguard in a dc3 to get my Strat sounds. The volume knob is out of the way.