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Jan 9, 2013
Thanks to the advice from some people on here I am pretty much dead set on getting a se custom 24. Just need to decide on a color. I am mostly considering the black cherry but since it has not been part of the range for a few years its a bit hard to find.

Before you say google it I already tried that and didn't come up with much.

Here are the main ones I found.



Here is the closest I could find in a current se guitar


An easier way may be just to ask this. Does prs generally use the same top on their guitars that have maple cap?

Obviously flat black and white would not have them. Just wondering if I can expect the same type of top on the new guitar just with a different color stain than on my tobacco burst se 245.

I would assume it s a how you say flame. maple top as the price is high as it gets for that model.
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Pics are not showing up for me.
The only colors for the 2012/13s (the upgraded models) in the US are Tobacco and Whale Blue.
Ok fixed the pics. Musiciansfriend shows a black cherry and vintage sunburst. I know they aded two colors to the se 245 as they were not there when I ordered my guitar. I would assume they are also new ones for the 24 custom.

Not much of a fan at alk of their 10 tops more of a quilted maple guy as long as it is in the right color.
I was trying to get an examle of what it would look like. Just threw me off how bright the older and how dark the newer black cherry looks.

Prs updated their site of the se 245 adding the cherry burst that musiciansfriend added to their site recently listing it as new. Pluss a black grey I have not seen listed anywhere.

But they don't list black cherry or vintage sunburst on the se 24 custom as new. So you are probally right. That and the description is refering to the old model also.

Having a hard time deciding as I don't really like any of the colors on offer.
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