Finally happy with my Phase 2 tuners


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Apr 26, 2012
Mobile. AL
I have three older PRS with the Phase 2 tuners. Great guitars, but the buttons are sooo small. You have to have the button tension just right for them to feel good, IMO. My DGT has the Phase 3, and I love the ergonomics of those buttons and the ease of tuning.

Thought I was stuck with what I had, because I did not want to drill holes in the headstock. And there seemed to be a mystery whether replacement buttons would fit? Thanks to this forum, I found out some of the Phase 2 tuners were Schaller, some were Gotoh, and how to determine which I had. Turned out all mine were Schallers.

I went on a quest to find large wooden buttons to replace the small metal Schallers. I got 2 in ebony from StewMac (for my AP Customs, came with gold screws) and one in Indian for my Santana II off E-bay (no screws).

What a difference! They are so much easier to turn, since you have more leverage with the larger button, and now the overall feel of them is like the Phase 3 tuners---which feel just right to me. Very happy with this upgrade. Plus, I think it compliments the look of each guitar.


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Mar 29, 2014
Denver, CO
Looks good. I actually like the smaller buttons on my phase 2 tuners. They are all swapped for other buttons. Rosewood for my CU24, Ebony for my SAS and Bone for my Standard 22.