Finally got to play on a real stage.......


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Nov 15, 2012
A couple of weeks ago I finally played on a real stage, with a 60K rig and it was awesome. It was a local festival weekend, hopefully the first of many in the years to come organised by a mate who had been building up to this for several years. What started off as just a couple of bands in local pubs has now reached local legend status and it is now a full on 3 day event. Things have been somewhat difficult lately with no time for anything other than work due to lack of orders etc etc. However in the last few weeks my close friends and I have decided to try and raise some money for charities as we have recently lost 2 very close friends, one to a brain tumour and one to COPD (,d.ZG4) and it has hit us all hard. So this festival was in honour of our dear friend Simon Turton was sadly died due to a brain tumour. I was extremely proud to play the gig along with several other great bands on the Saturday including a great British Band The Quireboys who headlined the Saturday night. It was the first major outing of my ME and it did me proud.... just a stunning guitar in every way. I see I have missed out on the new TRC and am seriously hacked off about that but my group of mates have been busy getting bikes and starting getting fit to do a fundraising bike ride next spring, around 320 miles overs 4 - 4.5 days and then finishing our ride with a charity gig to raise as much as we can for our friends families. I can only apologise for not being around and being involved with this forum as it's a really cool place. Anyway, here is a pic of my band on the best stage we'll probably ever play..... cheers.


Zomb!e Nine, DFZ
Apr 28, 2012
Sorry for your losses. Great way to honor them, looks awesome!