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FINALLY! Couple Of Snaps Of My SAS

I've had this thing several weeks. Unfortunately it arrived right when my Mom passed away, so I've been busy doing a lot of other stuff. Anyway, a couple of pics of this massively cool guitar! My man Logan took care of me. I called him early, and he hand-picked this 2-piece, center seam job:


So sorry about your mom.
I truly appreciate the well wishes from everyone concerning my Mom. I was her caregiver the last two years, as she went through the awful progression of Alzheimer's.

Took the Swampy to rehearsal last night-first time it's ever been plugged in. LOVE the variety of tones, especially the clean, spanky ones! Will be gigging it this Friday night!
Hey man, so sorry to hear your Mom passed and the battle was long. Not a fun time for anyone.

Seems waiting paid off, thanks for sharing this sweet axe! I've heard positive and negative on the two piece and am glad you played and enjoyed it!!! It looks like a stellar grain match!!