Zomb!e Nine, DFZ
Apr 28, 2012
Incoming. Been saying for years I would get one of these for mod purposes.

Close to 20 years ago, I had Singlecut standard satin. Thin satin nitro finish. Very resonant, rang like bell, awesome guitar. I liked it better than most other SC guitars I’ve had. So naturally I sold it!

Been interested in a p90 guitar for the last few years but didn’t want to sink a pile of money in. Gibson specials and juniors have appealed to me but I hate the way they feel. When the S2 line came around with these satin series, seemed the perfect solution and modding platform for me. Not knowing if I really want a p90 guitar, this is a great option. Can always load it with some 5708’s if not.

So I ran across this one with an extra pickguard, an extra Emerson prewired PRS type harness, extra jack and toggle upgrade and it felt meant to be. I’ll still need a custom pickguard to fit soapbars. It’s got some rash around the edges, but I don’t mind that.
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I’ll edit my original post with the backstory/idea once it’s here. Maybe someone will remember, in which case I’ll give the story earlier. I’m guessing by next Thursday or Friday.
I'm thinking something with 4 knobs, SC and maybe some p90's in the future.....hmmmmm