Fender layoffs employees


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Apr 26, 2012
Thinking about this thread, it occurs to me that everyone thinks they know more than everyone else. Rich people think their money is proof of their superior intelligence. Poor people think rich people have cardboard for brains, and are disgustingly entitled people whose parents wrote them a big trust fund check so they don't have to actually do anything.

The junior partner at the law firm can't believe that a complete idiot like the senior partner could have ever achieved success. The factory worker knows more about production than the production manager, at least in her own mind. Doctors think they're infallible. Politicians are true believers in whatever BS their party says they need to be true believers in.

I'm as guilty of egotism and stupidity as anyone else, if not more so! Because I think I'm a composer, when actually there was Mozart and Mendelssohn and they were doing things at 10 I still can't do as an adult, so I'm a complete zero!

After being on this planet for perhaps too long, I've reached the conclusion that nobody actually has a clue, we just guess, and random chance can make us lucky or unlucky.

The CEO was the guy throwing up at the frat party, who nearly got kicked out of school for participating a panty raid (oh, just look it up, it used to be a thing!), but who married well. The know-it-all at the bar works at a gas station filling tanks. The Russian general is afraid to tell the dictator the truth about what's happening, so stupid decisions are made.

What else is new? This has all been going on for thousands of years. I read it in historical commentaries all the time.

Same as it ever was.


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Nov 9, 2021
Seacoast New Hampshire/ S. Maine
At the height of the pandemic, Sweetwater was selling 1000 guitars A Day! That’s just not sustainable in the long run….especially in these times of war and inflation.. notice that I didn’t use the word recession .