Factory set-up


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Feb 2, 2013
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Now I know I'm new here, so feel free to quietly shake your heads or even tsk. I've subjected fellow members to a pic of my new to me 2006 'oh so very' Indigo Blue CE22 in the 'Introduce Yourself' thread. I decided to give the new lad a new set of strings and minor set-up. The previous owner had 10's on it so I put it back to my preferred 9's and the difference is startling. Not just new string syndrome but improved fidelity and tonal balance, it sounds completely different and better, IMHO. My (long winded) point is that according to the hang tag the guitar came out of the factory with 9's so are they considered the optimal guage for it? I know getting into personal string guage preferrences is akin to politics and religion but is there an optimal guage that the guitar works best with?
Yes. The gauge you feel most comfortable with and like the most for whatever reason is the one that's the best. Not being flippant or disrespectful at all, but so much is subjective. Like action settings, etc., a lot of it is simply suggestions/starting points. The final choices are up to you, which is one of the great things about guitars IMO.

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My favorite, and PRSH too, are 9.5's. They are a perfect balance of tone, bendability and intonation on the 25" scale.....for me.

I've yet to try 9.5's...

I use 10's on all my guitars. My Strat doesn't feel any harder to play than my Bernie despite the difference in scale length, although I tend not to go straight from one to the other.
I had been using 9s for quite some time. When I got my cu24 I put 9s on it and started breaking A strings!!!!!!! I was only getting one gig out of a set of strings and I knew that wasnt right. After close inspection of saddles I discovered wear grooves in A and D. Filed them out and checked intonation, good to go. Well then I started breaking B and E strings. I said the hell with it and switched to 10s. I have done three gigs with a set of strings even though I rarely gig more than two before string change. Now all three of my prs have 10s and seem to be doing fine. I guess I play too hard.