Eyeing off a local s/h ad... tell me about CE 22s

Discussion in 'Electric Instruments' started by JJJ, May 8, 2018.

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    Gday fella

    Yeah the new ones are incredibly overpriced, and I find a lot of the s/h asking prices are unrealistic, especially given the beat to shite condition of some of the examples. My Starla I got for a steal as it had sata t the store for a while, and I ended up picking this up (I put a new thread up for it) for 1600. Despite the pocket cracks I feel like it's a good buy, I can get it fixed in a couple of weeks and it's the nicest CE I have seen floating around here

    Yeah I was looking into the new CEs but to me they should have been part of the S2 line. The spec is much better on the old ones not to mention a fitted hardcase and the quartersawn neck is a beaut
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    Mar 20, 2014
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    At the Buy-It-Now price it is an OK price, but since it has no OHSC, it isn't a super deal, IMHO, unless you are looking for that finish specifically - there needs to be a buyer that wants blue holoflake. You can find used mid-90s CEs for close to that asking price with OHSC on Reverb, but they aren't Blue Holofake.

    Gah, someone buy that 92 CE Alder body RW fretboard on Reverb. The price is really tempting now! (No OHSC though.)

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