Experience PRS 2020 Forum Shirt - Details Inside

Great drawings on the t-shirt, looks very classy. Your wife is a great drawer, you could make custom t-shirts and sell them. I usually rarely wear t-shirts, only when it's hot outside. I like original clothes, and mass-market t-shirts look very dull. I love vintage clothes, I used to find stylish clothes in retro stores, but because now I work a lot, I don't have time to go to those stores. For Christmas, my friend gave me a subscription to https://thefemaleprofessional.com/comparison-clothing-subscription-boxes/. I received a fantastic designer look in the first box with a beautifully embroidered t-shirt.
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I just ordered my from Amazon for $15.

It's a "Place your own logos" thing so I saved the pics here on my phone, sent them the pics here. It actually looks better than the original, you can preview it here: