Experience 2010 Recording Amp?

Looks like a really cool amp with the switch settings, and from the tone description and layout, I'd have to think there are some similarities with the HXDA.

From the picture showing the leather corner bumper of the cab, it looks like a Mesa?

I've been using the HXDA with a Mesa 2x12 Recto cab, and it's not a bad match!
Good eye!!!

It's actually sitting on top of a Mesa Single Rectifier Version 1 (Which I absolutely love...very underrated Recto in my opinion)...and then a Recto 2X12 with v30's under that. Cabwise I own two Mesa Recto 2X12's, the Rivera Los LoBottom sub which has 2 v30's and 1 12 inch sub which is active powered 300 watt and then also a Supro 1X12 (made by the same guys Bogner uses for his cabs) with a custom Eminence Speaker Bruce Zinky had designed which sounds like a cross between a v30 and a greenback. I dig Mesa Recto cab's...they are Killer. IF and its a big IF I don't lose power tonight I want to try it with the other cabs too. I'll try to post a picture when I get home later.

I would love to A/B an HXDA with the Recording Amp...I know they are both based on the 25th platform with the cinemag transformers...would love the details on exactly what all of the little switches on both amps really do...I thought I remembered hearing that the Recording Amps used a slightly lower plate voltage which gave them a "Browner" sound? Was that in the video I referenced? hmmm....

It'd be fun to do a session with both amps to compare at some point, Bob!
Would be a blast! i'd also like to get a 25th, a super dallas, and the MDT to compare as well. I'm gonna go screw around with it now...took me 4 and a half hours to get home tonight with our latest storm...I work only 25 minutes from home! Kissed the wife and kids goodnight...now to relax!

I'm on standby for a tone report gentlemen ..