Eriza Verde + Ivory = Candy

Ok, now let's see the tuner buttons!
Guilty as charged.

Don't be fooled - he had to buy a whole trem arm. The dude wouldn't give him just the tip!

Looks sweet, Hans!
You know what dudes?!
My parents in law live 15 min away from Crazyparts office.
I catched the opportunity sneaking into the PRS parts personally :)
This year they'll announce wooden lambshade knobs (Andy Nowak said this to me.)
Looks great, love Eriza Verde! FYI, DKnob offers 12-sided wood knobs sized and shaped like the regular PRS knobs. Getting a set in pale curly maple would be pretty sweet too!
Glorious Hans
Now i've caught the ivoroid bug too, i think my FBJ 513 would look spiffy clad in a set like that