Epic NGD - PS DC 245 in Beach Cross Fade!

MA Pete

Pattern Thin Convert!
Apr 27, 2012
The Windy City
NGD of a lifetime here today, the most stunning guitar I have ever seen, in my favorite configuration, a DC 245!!









You can always count on Brent for some mad creations in the Wood Library, but he has really outdone himself with this one! The pictures don't do it justice, is mind-blowingly stunning in the flesh.

How does it sound? Who cares! Worth the price of admission just to hang it on the wall as art! :D Just kidding, tone report to follow. Initial impression is that it is a ROCK MONSTER, a two note power chord sounds HUGE coming from this thing! More re tone later as I get to play it some more and BrianC and yankeebulldog chime in.

Don't expect to see any pics down the road of me gigging it. ;)

Well done, Brent and the Private Stock team!!

Merry Christmas to me!
:santa: Crazy beautiful guitar Pete. Congrats and enjoy! :santa:

(Some specs would be cool.:wink:)



In the middle of a swap to Amber Knobs, I think it matches the Antique Natural Sides better and pulls out that brown a bit:



The end result of the swap:


I will share with you guys the story behind the interaction with Brent and I late last week. (The story is embellished for comedic purposes!) Brent is such as character, always a pleasure to deal with.

So here it is:

Pete: "How much for PS #4092, that Custom 22 in Beach Cross Fade?"

Brent: "If you have to ask you can't afford it" [Okay, I made that part up! ;)]

Brent: "Could this Custom 22 beach X-fade have been any better in any way??" [He was basically saying it was totally awesome, interesting how he phrased it though.]

Pete: "Yes, actually - it could be the 245 scale. ;) But other than that, AMAZING! Very cool also that you have the pics as it was being finished!"

Brent: "Hang on for 8 minutes."

Pete: "I am very afraid!"

Brent: "You really should be!"

Brent, 8 minutes later, along with pics of the DC 245 Cross Beach Fade: "I was thinking of you man.. truly was on that fateful trip…. 245 or bust !!"

Pete: "Holy..."

[A bit of a break as I look at the many pictures Brent sent.]

Pete, after reading the spec sheet 3 times and looking at all the pictures for 30 minutes: "Jumbo Frets?"

Brent: "DGT Fretwire"

Pete: "Yummy. Dude, you are KILLING me with this one! In a good way, of course..."

And then from there Brent sends me the pics of Dave Crocker doing the finish, very cool!

The final straw was my 17-Year-Old Daughter walking by while I was looking at pics on the laptop (which by the way look UNREAL on the 15" MacBook Pro with the Retina Display!), she stopped in her tracks and said "Holy cow, what is that? That is the most beautiful PRS I have ever seen! [Which is saying a lot in this household! :D] Dad, you HAVE to get that!!"

How can I say "No" to my daughter?!? ;)

Pete: "Okay, I'll take it!!"
Updated re tone report:

Versus a DC 245 Ted, you would expect with the combination of the Maple Neck, the Ebony Board, and with the Maple Top AND Back, that this would be on the bright side of things. Indeed it is! Not necessarily in a bad way.

It reminds me of my Artist V's in the cleans are amazing, and snappy Hendrixy tones are also great. But what this guitar has in spades that the Artist V lacked balls on is more Modern Rock tones. Lay on the gain, and this thing is a Rock Monster! Not in a Led Zep or other classic rock sort of way, think more so Van Halen and 80's rock, and early Metal.

It is NOT good at the warm Les Paul like tones, not really at all. But that is okay, I have my Jade Glow for that, and two more inbound with 408's and Mahogany Necks and Rosewood Boards (Obeche for the bodies, which is to me tonally similar to Mahogany bodies).

So I dig that this is different, I will grab it for cleans, for snappy Hendrixy stuff and for more Modern High Gain stuff. Good to have different tones on tap to inspire different stuff to play!

The 5310's are a good match to this guitar, they will stay for the near term at least.

Other comments:

The Paua 20th Birds with the MOP Outlines look AMAZING! The contrast with the very dark Ebony board really makes them pop. This is very good since 4089 inbound is spec'ed with Old Birds in Paua with MOP Outlines as well, on a very dark colored Rosewood Board. Should look killer!!

This one has Paua fret markers, looks great against the Ebony board edge, sparkly! :D

The back of this guitar looks incredible, with a killer one-piece quilt back, and the Beach fade on both the back and the neck. Also, I dig that the Headstock Veneer also has the Beach Crossfade, it ties it all together. This thing is a work of art, really!
Wow, Just wow. From the tone you describe Pete, Sounds to me like 53/10's would be the perfect selection for that guitar. Congrats.