Electro-Harmonix Epitome Pedal Demo


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Jun 27, 2012
Auburn, WA. USA
Was in my YouTube subs from yesterday.
All sounds are coming from just the one pedal.

Getting the organ sounds out of the guitar sounds pretty cool :D

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I just got an EH bass micro-synth the other day... I gotta' say I really like their pedals!
I knew they would eventually release THE pedal for my needs. Now, I need someone to buy one, hate it, and resell it on eBay! :laugh:

Thanks for the post! I hadn't logged into Youtube yet to see this.
Wow. That's pretty neat. I would love to play around with one of these. I use a low octave on a few of our songs, using a Boss OC-3 and the tracking is just sort of okay. Watching this video, the tracking he's getting out of this is pretty impressive, almost seamless. That would be enough for me to consider it, but all those other sounds too? Wow.

This sort of thing is why I have been thinking about going stereo with my rig. It would just be such a massive overhaul and cost so much $$.