Effect loop on CAD amp


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Feb 20, 2013
Hi Y’all

I’m new to the forum so if I’m repeating a tread forgive formy dumbness – I just could not find it on the amp tread

Most of the CAD amps on the market do not have an effectloop – Is that to keep the cost under control or they are not design to work with effecton back – I know it is an option on CAD but most of the vintage amps do nothave effect loop or provision for it into their circuit.

Does anyone is running delays on the back of blistertone orMDT how does it works, need to keep the effect signal pretty high, any changeson the tone , level of noise or not using it instead a suhr mixer or other typeof loop patch.

Yep they do have this option available but most of the blistertone on the market is just like yours - Reverb option and no effect loop. When you do run delay in front of the amp like old school it's kinda OK but newer effects like eventide , timeline and etc respond way better when running on the effect loop it just keep the tone of the amp pure and punchy giving the right amount of depth on it. Running in the front it's shallow you can't get the same depth and ambience. Now vintage amps they do not have effect loop - there was no such thing on the 60 and 70's so they did not had provision on their circuit to run effects with signal or tube buffered loop so making the long story short would like to know if anyone has of the CAD with effect loop and how does it works - I'm under the impression that those amps are like old school circuit and putting the loop on it will not work that great.........
Just got my blistertone with effect loop - it works beautifully like a champ and sound amazing - best amp ever had so musical amazing. And yes the effect loop works perfectly and has not change the tone or compromise the output -i don't know what i was talking about or concern :dontknow: what amazing amp:rock:
I've got a loop on my HXDA, I prefer delay over reverb and like to run them in the loop after the preamp gain section. Zero issues, I really really dig that amp. Old school tone with modern functionality.
Congrats on a new amp day! I'm not a big devoté of the FX loop now, but almost any PRS amp can be modded at the factory to add features you want. The CAD line, especially, emphasizes the "custom" aspect.