Easy to follow S2 Custom 22 Wiring?

Frostbite Slim

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Oct 8, 2020
Hello all! First post to this forum. Recently purchased an SE CU 22 , and wanted to wire it up like the S2. I've seen the diagram on the PRS site, but for me it wasn't so easy to comprehend.

Anyone here possibly have a simpler version? I chose the S2 version to copy because it has the two resistors ( 1.1K & 2.2K ) on the Coil Tap tone knob that maintains the signal better when split (like the DGT).

Thanks everyone
What a beauty, and welcome!

Really, I think you’d be best off just adding the resistors to the push/pull to get what you want. The wiring may look different on the two, but functionally, they’re pretty much the same.
Andy474x, thanks. I was thinking just adding the resistors to the SE CU 22 diagram, but wasn’t sure if there were additional steps involved
Since my last post on this thread, I've "Updated" my CU 22. I'm really happy with the way it's turned out, and the BIG improvement in Tone (and looks)!

Upgrades are...

MannMade NOS 2000 Tremolo
Righteous Sound Brielle/RAF combo
PRS Universal Ivory pickup rings
Lampshade Knobs
PRS Locking Tuners
PRS Core tip
Bone nut
Setup for 11's

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