Early CE rosewood fretboards...Brazilian or Indian?

Discussion in 'Electric Instruments' started by CE-man, Jul 23, 2014.

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    Can anybody say definitively what type of rosewood fretboards were installed on the early 88-91 CE-24s? Were they Brazilian or Indian? I've read where PRS employees said that all CEs were made with Indian rosewood fretboards since they were the "affordable" PRS guitars of the time. I've also read other PRS employees say that the only rosewood that PRS stocked at the time was Brazilian, hence every CE of the day was outfitted with a Brazilian rosewood fretboard. Now with the CITIES treaty prohibiting the trade and import of "protected species" of wood like Brazilian rosewood it would be very useful to know definitively what type of rosewood was used. This would enable international trade without question. Can anybody say for certain which rosewood was used? If it was Brazilian was it simultaneously discontinued when PRS stopped using it on the Customs in `91?
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    Everything I've read or seen that wasn't a for sale ad on eBay or the like has said that CE's get Indian rosewood fretboards, there is even a video where Paul explains this somewhere.
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    Like Sergio said, East Indian Rosewood. Search for the "promo videos" and you can hear it from the horse's mouth.
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    I sent prs an email asking the same thing about my 96 ce22.

    The CE would use East Indian as they CE models were not offered with Brazilian.

    Matt King
    Paul Reed Smith Guitars
    Customer Service

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