Duncans in 06 CE24...sound muddy?


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Feb 23, 2020
First post here, please be gentle. :)

Revisiting a CE24 that has been a bit of a case queen from the last few years - one reason for that was the Vintage Bass/HFS combo. I’ve never been partial to them, or the rotary, so I ordered up a new 3-way toggle harness to align with my SAS and my McCarty, and set about installing a combo that I’ve used and liked before - a Pearly Gates in the neck, and a JB in the bridge.

I decided to skip doing coil tap since I rarely use it and just set them up for series - red and white on the Duncans soldered together, green and shield to ground, black(s) to the selector switch. I’m... deeply underwhelmed.

Is there something obvious I’m missing here? Thanks in advance for any help.
Could try adjusting pickup heights, maybe you don’t actually like the strings you use, is the tone pot/cap/volume pot fried, etc...

Never really heard of a muddy JB. Ice picky, yes.
Thanks for the feedback. It basically sounds like my tone is getting muffled by a giant wool sweater.

Harness - all pots and caps - are brand new out of the PRS Accessories bag. I suppose one could be bad, but seems unlikely. Selector functions. Volume functions. Tone does too, but due to all the wool, it’s hard to hear a difference.

Strings are D’Addario XL120s fresh out of the pack, which I’ve played for nigh on 25 years.

These pickups came out of another guitar, where they sounded like they should. Have confirmed good solder joints everywhere.

I’ve had all kinds of problems over the years, but never _this_ one. Totally stumped.
I agree with raising the pickups. If that doesn't work then look for a cap problem. I had a ground wire touching a cap leg once that made a mess of the tone.
Assuming all is wired correctly, You need to check SD site for recommend pot and cap value for the JB pickup. Each pickup has a different frequency response which necessitates certain value pots or caps.