Dumb Question of the Day - Trem Arm Spring?


The Torture Never Stops
Apr 26, 2012
On a Strat, you put a spring in the trem hole before screwing in the trem arm. Does the PRS trem have a similar spring? I've owned more PRS guitars than I can count and I never once thought about this until last night when I found a spring on the floor after changing the strings on my CU22. It might have been an extra spring that I knocked off my workbench but now I really wonder. Can anyone help? Thanks.
I've never heard of it and it would be counter intuitive since a PRS trem arm is a friction fit/push in only arm. If there was a spring in there it would push the trem arm out.

I've been wrong before though!
I'd be surprised if it's from your PRS... Not quite sure enough to bet on it though!

The other odd thing is that my CU22 is the only guitar with a Trem that I have. I have no idea where the spring came from if not from the PRS.