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Discussion in 'PTC - PRS Tech Center' started by SantzHex, Apr 20, 2018.

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    Apr 6, 2017
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    I have a 2013 McCarty Korina Brazilian, and I am considering swapping the McCarty pickups for a set of Dragon II's. If the Dragon II's are in fact magnetically out of phase, would I actually have to flip one of the magnets in order to maintain the McCarty split modes, or is there another workaround? As I understand it, the older Dragon II's (pre-installed with guitars having the 5-way rotary) are magnetically out of phase, while the newer versions available directly are not - is that correct?

    By that note, a similar question on my 2000 Standard 24, I long ago removed the factory VB/HFS & 5-way rotary for a Duncan set with toggle/push-pull setup. If I were to swap the VB/HFS back in, would I also need to flip one of the magnets to work with the toggle/push-pull setup?
  2. gush

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    I can not answer your questions BUT.............5909s will make that Mccarty bark!!!!

    IMO....5909 bridge 8515 neck is what I'm headed for very soon.

    I've had a 5909 set in it before and the bridge was sweet as all get out. I have 8515s in it now, the neck is PERFECT but the 8515 bridge is just ok.

    I'l make the swap soon.

    Sorry to HJ your post but somebody has to say it.
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    All I can say is I had a guitar with dragon 2s from the factory with a toggle a push pull.
    I don't believe when using PRS pickups you would have any issues
  4. garrett

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    Jul 27, 2012
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    Nope, you're good to go.

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