Double NGD!

That's a great score times two! The Bernie is just such an awesome guitar, and I dig the Starla too. Nice job! Enjoy them both. Loud and proud, of course!
I almost hit the "Report" button because NGDx2 is really noteworthy, like a life event or something. An one of em is a Bernie!
Thanks. Got them in trade for a Les Paul that was way too heavy and the neck was way too wide.
Enjoy them. Slowly the virus will creep into your brain. Before long, you will be focused on nothing but PRS. You will forget who Leo and Orville are, and then the transformation will be complete! YOU WILL BE ONE OF US! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! On a different note, enjoy them, they`re great players. PRS certainly don`t sound like the other major food groups that may feed your soul.