Don't do this at home! 2 amps now being repaired!


Apr 27, 2012
So...the little bulb on my Sweet 16+ went out. Of course I had to check to make sure it was only the I took the bulb out of my HXDA to put it in the 16+. It worked!

Then, I tried to put the two bulbs back into the respective amps, figuring I would just buy a replacement bulb.

First, the original 'broken" bulb fell inside the combo chassis when attempting to replace it. Second, the "good" bulb broke in my attempts to replace it in the HXDA.

However...more importantly....neither amp worked after my failed techological expertise. Both were dead as a doornail. My amp tech (Dave's Sound Repair....whippany NJ) said that I probably had blown both fuses by trying to put the bulbs in without turning off the power (D'oh!).

So...just a warning to those of you who think you have technical knowledge.......I am now waiting for the repair bill for two amps that were perfectly fine except for one "On" bulb on one of them....before I attempted to repair them.

Oh well. As the title says....don't try this at home! :eek:
Oops! Bummer. Shouldn't be to big of a bill if it's just fuses and bulbs. POWER OFF/UNPLUG when working on anything with electronics!
You're not having a good week, Doc. :)
First the PS situation, now this.
Hang in there!

More like forgot my temporary ban for 2 weeks awhile back.

But...I'm ok now...I more acting out or misbehaving. Gonna be a good boy and try to remain seated at the adult's table. :)
Mistakes are the only way to learn! Next time you will be able to replace the fuses yourself.
Mistakes are the only way to learn! Next time you will be able to replace the fuses yourself.

Fuses I can do. These fuses were blown due to my developmentally disabled attempts to switch the "power on" bulbs to check them.....with the power on at the time. So, I brought both in for repair, since I can't change a light bulb and there is always the possibility that I blew more than a fuse when I shorted the two amps.

From 2 amps perfectly functional but one with a "on" bulb that didn't two amps that are totally dead...all in less than 3 minutes. I never cease to amaze myself with my ability to screw things up within a short period of time.
It's not so much the money as the 25 minute drive to the Amp Repair guy, all the while thinking that if I had just left the freakin' bulbs alone....and ordered a replacement bulb....and kept the power off when replacing it....I would now have 2 working amps instead of a visit to a smug guy who opens the door for me and says, "So, what boutique amp have you screwed up this time, Bennett?" with a smile on his face and the knowledge that the idiot has returned once again.